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Small program, big opportunities

One of my favorite things about Goizueta is the small size of our program. With only 181 students in my class, I’m able to greet everyone by name. The close-knit, personal nature of our community and the bonds I’ve been able to form with my classmates have made my Goizueta experience truly extraordinary.

Life on the Graduate Business Association

Happy September, everyone! It’s hard to believe the summer is over already, but I’m absolutely thrilled to be back at Goizueta starting my second year in the full-time MBA program. The first few weeks of school have revolved around classes, the start of the recruiting season, and GBS clubs and student activities. I’m heavily involved with one club in particular: the Graduate Business Association. The Graduate Business Association is a group of elected student leaders whose goal is to improve all aspects of student life at Goizueta, whether through academic, professional or social initiatives. I’ve never been involved with...