As quickly as summer semester ended, fall semester began. Before I signed off for the summer, I was about to enjoy a glorious week off. I, like most of my classmates, took full advantage of this time to spend time with loved ones, read non-educational (read: paperback) books and actually spend some quality time prepping for career recruiting season.  The last point was especially necessary, as the annual Goizueta Career Connection networking event was taking place at the tail end of our August break. This year, the GCC was located at the lovely High Museum of Art. There were over twenty companies present and all MBA candidates were invited. It was another great opportunity to network with fellow students, alumni and company representatives, as well as take advantage of free gin.

GCC at the High Museum:


The following week, we had Keystone week, which included the process of assimilating the one-years with the returning second year MBAs. Two highlights: the second-years toasting the first-years with (what else?!) Coca-Cola! As you likely already know, our business school’s name is not only fun to say, but named after the former CEO of Coca-Cola. He was quite the visionary and a remarkable leader, and the Coca-Cola toast is a Goizueta tradition in his honor. The second highlight was the service project. All 200 of us (45 one-years + 155 two-years) were dispersed to 15 or so sites around Atlanta to give a half a day’s work. My group, one of the largest ones, went to Global Growers Network and did some mulching and gardening. Afterwards, all 200 of us met at Park Tavern, enjoyed lunch, and then promptly went home to shower.

From that point forward, we were all “second-year” students. There was no difference between two-year and one-year MBAs: we were all regarded as the Class of 2014. Needless to say, the building has gone from solely ours to busier than ever, with the return of the undergrads and the addition of the Class of 2014. It has been pretty exciting around here. The Einstein Bagels is finally open again and the renovation in the Commons, a wide-open, multiuse space, is complete! The only downside is that we must resign ourselves to cross-campus parking once more and battle with freshmen for sidewalk space.

With classes in their third week, everyone is once again busier than even. In my next post, I will cover the onslaught of on-campus recruiting (otherwise known as: he’s wearing a suit, he must have an interview) and diversity career conferences. For now, here are some pictures of our new space:


Can you tell which one is Class President Marcus and which is Dean Brian?:

Mr. G himself:

Our Community Service Crew: