SEMESTER SERIES : RACHAEL WADDELL – The Final Stretch: International Potluck Celebration

Here at Goizueta, we definitely abide by the “work hard, play hard” mentality. GBS is known for a particularly rigorous first semester CORE in order to prepare us for upcoming internship interviews. Following a punishing few months in Block 1 and Block 2, it was time to celebrate. And boy, did we have some fun!

The International Potluck is a hallmark Goizueta event. All of our international students work so hard to make signature dishes from their home country. While it gets somewhat competitive, I’m not complaining when it comes to the results! It’s not small feat to cook for over 500 people and all of the students really appreciate it.

One of the best parts of events like the International Potluck is having the opportunity to meet student families and partners. Virtually all Goizueta social events are inclusive to all of student’s support system. Since Community is one of our Core Values, it is very important that we make an effort to spend time outside of school and build relationships.

Excuse the blurry photo, but the lighting in the Commons isn’t always the best! The Japanese did a great job with presentation and I know my pal Sayaka was slaving in the kitchen for days!

On the right, here are some of the ladies finishing up dinner. We were so full!

We are so lucky to have great international students who make a conscious effort to educate us on their culture, and vice-versa. The highlight of the night had to be our Korean friend, MJ, dancing a superb rendition of Gangham Style. In all, a great Friday night!