ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: ERIN NUSBAUM REHM – Fulfilling that Global Requirement

Greetings, friends. I don’t have a whole lot on which to update you, except that Fall semester is chugging right along. So much so, in fact, that we have already registered for Spring semester classes! One of the most exciting things about next semester will be the mid-semester modules, which occur over spring break. This year, there are five on-campus sessions to choose from, as well as four international sessions. I will detail them all out below because they are neat and I want to share:

On Campus

Management Consulting for Mission-Driven Organizations – instructed by Booz Allen Hamilton (er, either Booz or Allen Hamilton now that they have split). Perfect for aspiring and career consultants alike!

Syndicated Data Analysis – instructed by Professor Doug Bowman. For all those Marketing enthusiasts who love their data.

Business Law: Essentials for Entrepreneurs & Business Managers – instructed by alum Jason Gordon, who is actually a professor of business law and entrepreneurship at Georgia Gwinnett College. For all those Law/Business double-threats out there.

Using Power & Influence in Organizations – instructed by Professor Rodney Lacey. Applicable to probably everybody who works in an organization.

Advanced Communication Skills for High Potentials – instructed by our very own Workplace Therapist, Professor Brandon Smith (who is also a fellow Vanderbilt Commodore!). Also very applicable, and the mid-semester module that yours truly is attending.

Off Campus (Very very “off”)

Argentina & Chile – led by Professor Chip Frame. 9 nights in Buenos Aires and Santiago. This trip includes business visits as well as some South American tourism to soak in that rich culture!

India – led by Professor Jan Barton. Opportunities to visit Technology, Film, Healthcare and Microfinance companies. Also opportunities to practice Yoga, white water raft down the Ganges River and camp, if you’re into those types of things.

Nicaragua & Costa Rica – led by Professor Peter Roberts. This trip is all about exploring sustainable economic development in the jungles and cities of Latin America. Also opportunities to serve the community and eat delicious barbequed meats.

Vietnam & Singapore – led by Professor Brad Killaly. Opportunities to visit varieties of businesses, as well as learn about the unique cultures of Southeast Asia. This one even hooked Dean Brian.

Finally, for those individuals who may yawn at the above selections or say, “but where’s the boat?!” there is GALA (Goizueta Advanced Leadership Academy) for you. This is a program that pushes its participants to their limits in order to develop them into excellent leaders. The capstone event is a 5-6 day sail in the British Virgin Islands where a team of 5 sails the boat. I hear that challenges ensue and feathers get ruffled. I hear that there are no proper bathing facilities. I also hear that the people who break down during the actual event come away saying that it was the best experience of their lives.

I cannot wait to hear the many stories from friends that attend each of these MSM’s. Furthermore, I cannot wait to participate in my own. Some of us are even discussing taking a vacation of our own after the MSM concludes and before classes resume. Where to go, where to go…