Hello, my name is Michael Kubota and I decided to attend Goizueta Business School after spending 7 years in the U.S. Army as an active duty infantry officer.

Like many of my fellow classmates, I arrived at Goizueta this summer interested in pursuing a consulting internship. However, I had not quite determined if I wanted a generalist experience or if I wanted to explore a more specialized horizontal.  As I went through my core classes and talked amongst my peers, I discovered that I wanted to work in the mergers and acquisitions advisory space.  An early exposure to industry professionals during Goizueta Career Connections (GCC) at the Georgia Aquarium helped shape my decision to pursue an internship at KPMG Integration and Separation Advisory (ISA).

Fortunately for me, KPMG ISA had a strong presence at the 2015 MBA Veteran’s conference in Nashville. During the conference, I was able to interact with 5-6 ISA professionals, sit at the KPMG table for dinner and conduct my first round interviews for the position.

Here is a photo of some first-year Goizueta Veterans on the roof of the Country Music Hall of Fame during the conference. (I’m the fourth from the right.)

Vet Conf Nashville

Following the conference, KPMG invited me to Dallas for final round interviews with the practice.  By this time, all of the on-campus consulting presentations had concluded and I had identified KPMG ISA as my first choice for a summer internship.

I gladly flew to Dallas and had a series of great final round interviews and I am very happy to report that I received an offer at the end of the semester during finals week! It was great to close out the core semester with an offer in hand, considering that most of the consulting first-round interviews don’t start until the middle of January!  Going forward into next semester, I’m definitely feeling reassured that I made to the right choice in transitioning out of the military to attend Goizueta Business School.

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