"Skyline of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA"

“Skyline of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA”

Submitted by Benjamin Feldman, U.S. Army Veteran and Two Year 2016 alumnus. Co-President of Goizueta Veterans Club 2015-16.

I’ve just finished my 2nd year, full-time MBA at Goizueta, and previously I was an active duty, U.S. Army infantry officer for 7 years.   For many reasons this past  semester was a great one, but the biggest reason was that I decided to accept my full-time offer from Citigroup here in Atlanta, and so my wife Alison and I are very excited to settle down here in the city.

I had a great internship experience with Citi this past summer, and even though they gave me the offer at the end of the summer, I spent some time this past semester looking at some other options, just to be sure I was making the right decision. However, after looking at some other general management/rotational programs, I realized that Citigroup was the right fit for me.   During the two-year Management Associate program, I’ll be able to serve in a variety of challenging roles. Additionally I’ll be able to stay in Atlanta during the entire 2-year program, and beyond.

Since moving to Atlanta to start school, Alison and I have loved living here, and realized that this is the city where we want to stay. It seems like there is always a new restaurant to go check out, and the nightlife and culture have been a lot of fun.  Our next step is to start house hunting this summer, and many of my friends at school are planning to live and work here in the city after graduation as well.

Coming to Goizueta to get my MBA was absolutely the right decision, it has helped me accomplish all of my goals so far after leaving the Army, and I’m really looking forward to life after graduation.