Valerie Williams – Experiencing South Africa Day 8

Wine Tour – We visited Stellenbosch and Boschendal – fabulous wineries just outside of Cape Town. I wouldn’t quite call them “tastings” since Stellenbosch gave us 10 wines to “taste.”

Cape Town, South Africa – Fire and Ice milkshake – Who knew that our hotel would have the best milkshakes in Cape Town? This is the Lindt – o – liscous made with melted Lindt chocolate… yes I had several and yes I’ve been on a diet ever since we’ve returned!

Pirate Sunset Cruise – Cape Town has incredible sunsets so after our wine tours we decided to take a sunset cruise to see the sunset on the water. I don’t know who thought a pirate themed ship was the way to go, but here is one of the “captains” climbing the rope on the ship… as it was still moving…. Yeah, not safe!