Life of an Executive: Katherine Strong

Katherine at Work:

On the move to my next appointment

I run the Construction Sales Team for our Zurich’s South region. Each month, we are reviewing accounts, connecting people and resources, and implementing our prospecting strategy.

Leadership and teamwork in the office.

Obviously, we had strong results to discuss.

Katherine in class:

This is just one of MANY class slip-ups, bloopers, jokes, etc.  Though this is a rigorous program, we sure have fun while learning. We also have VERY amusing professors.

On a more serious note, you will see the class is very attentive. I have learned a great deal from my next door neighbors Allister and Rajeev. Incredible and brilliant men of integrity.

I have been extremely impressed with the talent in my class. To have access to this many high-level thinkers in one room has enhanced my perspective.