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Photo used in the Investment Plan and Marketing materials for This I Know. Credit: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Telling Stories that Matter: How I Pursued My Passion for Entrepreneurship and Social Impact through a Directed Study

By combining business acumen, detail oriented and strategic mindset and passion for entrepreneurship and social impact, Molly McDonald was able to quickly drive progress forward. Matched by creating a tight knit team that was aligned on short term actions they were able to accomplish their ultimate goal – develop a budget and investment plan that could be leveraged to raise awareness and capital to bring a film focused on community and acceptance to life.

Kenswed Organization, young students in a classroom setting with teacher

Goizueta Students Leverage Business Skills to Advance Missions of Social Enterprises

Each summer, Goizueta’s Business & Society Institute co-invests with social enterprise partners to provide stipend funding that creates opportunities for BBA and MBA Student Fellows to work with social enterprises as interns. Learn more about four interns who worked at various organizations this summer.

Equal Justice Initiative’s (EJI) Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Mass Incarceration and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, AL (April 1, 2023)

Growing Justice

Adrienne Hines shares insights on her journey, goals, current work, and the impact of her Emory University education.

Don Miguel’s farm with benign volcanic activity in the distance.

More Than Just a Commodity

Eike Hoffmann 24MBA spent spring break of his first year in the MBA program touring small-scale coffee farms in Guatemala with Professor Peter Roberts and five other coffee-enthusiastic students. The trip explored the complex intersection between business, climate, and socioeconomic issues that affect the industry.

SOCAP22: Top Themes & Takeaways in Impact Investing

Goizueta’s Business & Society Institute team including Brian Goebel, Alina Bills 24EvMBA24, Dylan Bahena, Sam Moss, and Nikhil Mathur 23MBA attended SOCAP 2022 where they enjoyed learning and networking with social entrepreneurs and impact investors from all over the world. Here are the top themes and takeways in impact investing.