ONE-YEAR AT GOIZUETA: ERIN NUSBAUM REHM – to cram or not to cram?

This is about that time in the semester when I being waxing poetic about how wonderful the semester was, how fast it went by and how I cannot believe I am standing at the edge of my last semester in business school.  Funny enough, amidst the planning for this blog post, we had an all-MBA town hall where Dean Brian expressed much of the same sentiment I was feeling. He had two statements that really stood out to me:

  • “Take lots of pictures” – clearly I have been slacking on this. Luckily I have a few friends that whip out their iPhones when the situation calls for it, but I have been bad. Resolution #1 for spring semester is that I will take more pictures and, consequently, share (most of) them with the GBS and prospective GBS community.
  • “Finish strong” – there is definitely more to this than “don’t slack off during your last semester.” This has become resolution #2.

This last statement brings me to the title of this blog – to cram or not to cram? This does not refer to the ongoing final exam schedule! I am speaking, of course, about the number of classes I have enrolled in for the spring semester. During the enrollment process, I signed up for 19 hours, or 2 classes more than needed to graduate. Since I will be doing some recruiting in the spring and will likely have a case of “senioritis,” I wondered if I should cut down on classes to maximizing the experience while minimizing stress (to a certain extent). So…to cram or not to cram? Well, Dean Brian must have been reading my mind at the time because his finish strong statement made me decide to cram. After all, this will be my last chance to load up on interesting classes with magnificent professors.

(Luckily, Goizueta charges you one flat fee for taking as many classes as you choose. I have a feeling Economics Professor Ray Hill would have something to say about that pricing structure and consumer surplus.)

I promise to make good on my picture-taking resolution for the next post In the meantime, I will be doing the other kind of cramming – for final exams!