With just a bit more time left in my internship, I am on schedule with the objectives I set out to accomplish. To quickly remind, this is a Marketing and IT internship wherein I am reconstructing the website for the Emory Ob/Gyn Residency Program. Therefore, the major objectives are to update the website content, enhance the look and feel, make it more efficient and user-friendly, differentiate the program from competitors, and ultimately capture a target population of stellar applicants to the residency program.

Here are some residents learning tools:

In order to meet these objectives I implemented a multi-step action plan to ensure a steady and timely progression throughout my internship. I conducted market research and surveyed our most recent target population—the current first-year residents—for feedback on the website. I benchmarked against the competition (i.e., other top ranked ob/gyn programs) to observe what they were doing right… and not so right. It was also critical that I consult with the experts and those people most familiar with the Ob/Gyn residency website such as my supervisor, director, and public communications specialist to gain more insight on the purpose of various aspects of the website. And lastly, I was extensively involved in data collection through review of Emory Ob/Gyn program literature and statistics, researching ranking agencies’ publications, and first-handed interviewers, photography, and videography.

Next, I needed to evaluate all of these fresh data to determine which are useful for the website and how to present the information in ways that add value to the website. Then, I created the new webpages by populating the Cascade CMS and presented my new designs to my supervisors for feedback, revisions, and complete redesigns if necessary. Once my supervisors were satisfied with the product and I got their buy-in, they would give me approval to go-live with the webpages for public viewing.

So far it has been a terrific experience where my mapped out plan has paid off in a series of milestones that will improve the Emory Ob/Gyn Residency Program website.