Every spring our students participate in MidSemester Modules. These curricular requirements can be completed stateside or abroad. Two of our U.S. Army veterans, Jonathan Brinks and Charles Stewart, who are first year students in the Two Year MBA program, travelled with their classmates to Brazil.  Here are some postcard scenes from their trip.

Photos courtesy of David Schwartz (MBA16)


Rock N Rio: An MSM group picture with the COO of Rock N Rio after receiving an overview of the company’s strategy and growth opportunities moving forward.


Favela: A picture of some of the artwork done by inhabitants of the many favelas that surround Rio de Janeiro and numerous other Brazilian cities. Students were able to receive a guided tour of the favelas that included aspects on why they originally formed, the unique culture that exists from the groups that live inside, and the future of these distinct neighborhoods moving into the 21st century throughout Brazil.


Dance Show: Students attended an event put on by local musicians displaying the unique and flavorful aspects of music and dance that has formed in the Brazilian favelas over the last few generations.



Tour Guide: ISP provided an outstanding guide, Pablo, who was with the students during almost every aspect of their visit during Rio de Janeiro. His superb knowledge and personal experiences in Rio provided invaluable insights into the people, sites, and cultural aspects of the city.



An up-close shot of the Christ the Redeemer Statue. Students were able to experience this iconic cultural site during a scheduled provided by ISP.