More Time to Learn, Play, Explore with Fridays “Off” at Goizueta

Sure, who wouldn’t love a four day “work” week? But, before I came to Goizueta I didn’t quite know what having Fridays off would look like. Would they just be the overspill of a deluge of homework and team meetings? Would it be true down-time to catch up on one’s personal life? In actuality, I’ve found Fridays to be a precious time filled with opportunities to explore aspects of Goizueta and Atlanta that fall outside of the regularly scheduled programming.


This month’s selected book for the Core Values Reading Series

On Friday two weeks ago, myself and ten other first year students met in the late morning with Dean Brian, head of the two-year full-time MBA program, as part of the Core Values Reading Series. The reading series is a small book club hosted by the Dean and Program Office with the intention to create a thought-provoking and cooperative space to explore the values that guide the B-school and its students. This month we read The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World, a book reflecting the perspectives of the Dahli Lama on happiness, community, and purpose. It was a powerful experience to discuss a book so non-traditionally business, so intimately with my classmates and Dean, and I walked away knowing much more about the values and directions of my peers.

Sam Moss and David Kyle, Executives in Residence of Social Enterprise @ Goizueta

Then, at noon, many of us crossed the hall to attend a Lunch and Learn session hosted by the Goizueta Nonprofit Consultancy Club. David Kyle and Sam Moss, our knowledgeable and treasured Executives in Residence at the Social Enterprise Center, participated in a Q&A session about gaining positions on the boards of nonprofit organizations, the responsibilities board positions entail, and how to make wise choices about the level of one’s involvement.

FullSizeRender (2)

Feeling pumped after our frenzy of creativity!

Last Friday, after a morning of team work, I attended a 3D printing workshop organized for our class by my classmate Lauren Dawson, at the Museum of Design Atlanta. In a two hour session we learned the basics about the history and technicalities of 3D printing, were taught how to use a simple web-based design program, and were supported while we created our own printable tchotchkes. We pick them up next week!


Experiments with 3D design and printing



3D printing machines and plastic waiting to be crafted

And of course, don’t forget the play part of “work hard, play hard!” Both Fridays featured open social events planned by the Goizueta Business Association. March Madness was celebrated with an all-afternoon beer pong tournament at The Ivy, a popular local bar, and this weekend dozens of students and partners spent an evening trying their luck at TopGolf.

So, if you’re a variety-enthusiast like myself, you have a lot to look forward to with your Fridays “off.”

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