Marissa – Experiencing South Africa Day 8

We start the day off at the beautiful vineyards of Boschendale, where we had our first tasting and wine lesson of the day. Its hot, but a hundred year old oak tree makes the weather in the shade, perfect!

Driving through wine country after lunch in Franschoek, we passed the jail Mandela was released from in 1990. It still amazes me that South Africa’s checkered history wasn’t that long ago, and how far the country has come in two decades.

After a long day, we all decide to take a sunset cruise. Out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, we continue to bond and have a great time! It’s been great getting to know more about my classmates and I’m kind of sad that we only have a few days left here. Yes, that’s my classmate Shauna, guiding our boat out into the Atlantic – like a boss!