10 simple steps to survive your last days of your final semester

  1. Look at your calendar and try not to panic.

You come back from Spring Break and you have about 50 days left until graduation.  Suddenly that deadline is closer than you thought.  Well, time to harness your Summer Experience organization skills and plan exactly how to prioritize your time.  You (and your teammates) will be glad you did.

  1. Come to class Monday through Thursday…and stay for KEGS.

Don’t let a last semester version of “senioritis” take into effect.  You’re in business school to learn, so remember how much you enjoy that.  Keep up your excitement to be in class and participate consistently.  And if it’s any consolation, KEGS is waiting for you at 4PM on Thursday.


One-Years at KEGS

  1. Take a swing at new things and explore a little.

Get out and about in Atlanta! We had a social at TopGolf and it was a lot of fun.  While I brushed up on my swing, some of my friends learned about the fun yet challenging game of golf.


MBA Golf Professionals

Also leave the lovely North Druid Hills neighborhood once in a while. I shook up my study routine when I found a local coffee shop in East Atlanta Village. After completing work, I rewarded myself afterwards at a great local ice cream spot, Morelli’s!


Enjoying a local favorite, Morelli’s Ice Cream

  1. Remember your classmates who were there from the start.

With different electives, comes different schedules, and time can fly by quickly. Don’t forget to reconnect with your core team from summer.  You are still each other’s support and source of fun.  Also, don’t forget to organize a matching t-shirt day.


Rainbow Zebras graze together!

  1. Invest in your GBS Community.

Before you change your LinkedIn status to your new job title, take time to think of how you want to contribute as an alumnus.  I plan to contribute both funds and time.  Any pledge to the class gift is worthwhile to make Goizueta strong for years to come.  I’m also a “Summer Experience Guide” for the Class of 2017 One-Year MBAs, giving academic and career preparation advice to our newest Goizueta family.  I hope that my perspective gave my “buddies” confidence and excitement for their Summer Experience.

Answering new student questions at Welcome Weekend 2016 Academic Panel

Answering new student questions at Welcome Weekend 2016 Academic Panel

  1. One special evening, get dressed up in your finest attire.

Make sure to participate in all the MBA special events.  As a One-Year student, this is the only opportunity!  The annual Spring Formal was a time to dress to the 9’s.  Since the theme this year was Casino Royale, there were casino-style games and winners took home prizes.  But I decided to dance the night away!

Dressed up for Formal 2016

Dressed up for Formal 2016

  1. Excel in your final exams and presentations.

You might have a schedule like mine where all final classes, reports, exams, and presentations occurred during the same week.  Wow this feels overwhelming…Oh wait, you’ve done this before! This is the home stretch.  Breathe.

  1. Go for Lip Sync Battle glory.

Ok, this is not exactly a requirement, but a fun thing to do.  On the last day of class (and last KEGS), we had a lip sync battle competition.  Pick a song and perform it so convincingly that the crowd thinks you’re actually the pop star.  It was perfect for me: I memorize song lyrics, I love to dance, and I needed to channel a diva personality so I could rock the last week of my MBA.  Therefore, I “sang” and danced like Beyoncé and took home the title of Lip Sync Battle Champion.

Part of my cheering section at Lip Sync Battle

Part of my cheering section at Lip Sync Battle

  1. Celebrate! It’s Graduation Day!

The time has come for you to shake the Dean’s hand and get that diploma you worked hard for! Try not to cry as you realize you will miss your friends and school.  Congratulate every classmate and take all the pictures you can.  Smile! You did it!

We did it!

We did it!

I'm a MBA! Thanks Goizueta Business School

I’m officially a Master of Business Administration! Thanks Goizueta Business School

  1. Take a break and get excited for your next step.

Enjoy your time off before you start working.  Reconnect with family and friends.  Go on that trip you’ve been waiting for.  Then get in the mindset to work. Get excited.  You polished your skills at Goizueta Business School, now it’s time to use them.