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Balancing Summer Core with kids

Balancing Core and parenting

The summer Core is an intense 12 weeks with seemingly every waking minute occupied for all 84 days. Before MBA I worked nearly 10 years in the offshore oil and gas industry and rarely worked more than a 40-hour week when I was not offshore. I had plenty of time with my wife and three kids (ages 3, 5, and 5). Truthfully, I worked 60–80 hours for each of those 12 weeks of summer Core. If you are considering the one-year program or any MBA program while trying to raise some decent kids this probably sounds like quite a...

5 Surprising ways the pandemic made my core semester better

5 Surprising ways the pandemic made my core semester better

Like you, my expectations for 2020 were upended in March. I was set to start at Goizueta Business School just two months later. I worried about how the educational and social experience, specifically during core semester (which spans summer for us One-Year students), would change. While I do mourn parts of the in-person experience I originally imagined, the pandemic also made core better in a few surprising ways! Speed-Reading Practice Before coming to Goizueta, I worked as a consultant. The pandemic’s economic impact put about half of my company’s projects on pause – including mine. I took advantage of...