Evening MBA Week in the Life: Ashley Teal – Friday


After working hard throughout the week, we took a small break to grab lunch. It’s nice to occasionally talk about non-work related topics over lunch.

It’s been 5 long days, so I am always excited to start my journey home even if there is a little bit of traffic. I am heading home to my sweet, but busy family!

We are all usually pretty tired on Friday, so it’s nice to spend an evening at home. Luckily, we have modern technology to keep us entertained. The boys enjoy playing both board and video games as a family.

Although the work week is technically over, I always make time for a little more research for either school or work! I try my best to manage deadlines and schedule tasks around the important activities of each week. Friday night is my favorite night because the calendar is usually clear, so I can get to bed whenever. I spend the evening catching up on TV, and if I stay up too late, it’s ok because Saturday is my morning to sleep in until soccer starts at least!