Evening MBA Week in the Life: Ashley Teal – Thursday

It’s nice to work at a place like Emory where there’s a beautiful backdrop. Even looking out over the streets, there a pleasant view! In addition to the view, we love visitors.

Working in a team feels the same both in class and on the job…we generally crowd around the table with our laptops and discuss the focus of our project. Today, we updated slides for an upcoming event.

When you can’t get out for lunch, you have to bring lunch to you! Food makes people happy, so I am always up for a working lunch.

I’m hard at work making sure I am prepared for the next meeting/event. I try to stay current on my e-mail throughout the day, and I always keep a notepad with me! After working throughout the day in a team environment, I head out for a team meeting with my school workgroup. The process for our project mirrors my job – identify the key issues, pull the data, and suggest potential solutions.