2018 Admission Experience

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A Male, manufacturing industry

B Male, government finance

C male, bank

D Male, general trading company

E Men, insurance

F Male, electricity / gas

A Male, manufacturing industry

Faculty of Law, Kyoto University


In short, to change jobs from legal affairs. Although I gained expertise by working as a legal affair for about four years after graduating from a new graduate, I was keenly aware in the business development department that I lacked knowledge of business in general. In the medium term, he hopes to move to the San Francisco office of the business development department, and aspired to become an MBA in the United States in order to gain overseas experience.

Why Goizueta?

With an eye on medium-term career goals, we focused on the MBA located in the city, emphasizing the educational environment of Entre (the standard is the amount of Startup investment by city) and networking opportunities. On the other hand, I think that the trend of Japanese companies in the last few years to enter the Silicon Valley and other areas where startup investment has already heated up (it is difficult to make a profit in the future) with a delay is wrong, and startup investment will continue in the future. Weighed growth expectations and risks, and chose Atlanta in a slightly risky way.

Examination process

Priority is given to the input system of TOEFL Reading and Listening. Reading focused on vocabulary reinforcement and did not practice any special study method. Listening shadowed the exercises distributed by the prep school every day while commuting, and watched many overseas dramas that he could be absorbed in. After that, I got stuck at 104 points and took a rare job for 2 hours a day. In addition to the practice of Speaking, I wrote an Independent essay of Writing with exercises picked up from the Web, and asked the instructor to correct mainly the grammar (I am busy because the purpose is to identify the material and reduce grammar mistakes). I wrote an essay halfway in 15 minutes and had a rare job instructor correct it). The GMAT mass was responsive in the early stages, so I specialized in Verbal. After inputting the lessons of the prep school in about 3 months, I solved the test-style exercises in a timely manner for one week before the test, and cultivated the time interval.


To be honest, the result was not satisfactory. After making the TOEFL score in April, GMAT measures are in full swing as an excuse to postpone the essay. However, I had a hard time maintaining my motivation, which is lower than the TOEFL test period, and finally the GMAT score making was completed in September. In this situation, I was originally thinking of targeting the application at the beginning of the year, but some MBA students including Emory strongly recommended me to apply for the 1st, and I created an essay in a very short period of time.


No particular measures. I scrutinized the questions asked in the past the day before, and created the flow of answers in my head by the day before, so I challenged the production with almost no practice.


The purpose of studying abroad is different for each person, so please make an effort that suits your purpose without being swept away.

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B Male, government finance

Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo


First, I wanted to systematically learn economic and financial theories, and how to apply them to solve problems in the real world that change every day. Secondly, because I work for a public institution, I wanted to be able to think about things from various perspectives by learning the decision-making process of the private sector. Also, although I didn’t write it in my essay, I also wanted to learn English and broaden my range of work because there are many departments in the company that require English.

Why Goizueta?

The decisive factor was that the curriculum was well-balanced, there were plenty of practical opportunities such as Impact, and I was attracted to the collaborative culture, and I was also very pleased with the interviewers and current students and graduates. was.

Examination process

April 2016 Started TOEFL measures in preparation for internal selection. About 85 points at that time.

December 2016 Passed internal selection. The TOEFL score at that time was 98 points. April 2017 I was planning to finish the TOEFL by this time, but the wall of 105 points was high and I had a hard time. He started to get impatient with 103 to 104 points in a row about 4 times. For the time being, the emphasis has shifted from TOEFL measures to GMAT measures.

May 2017 Take the GMAT for the first time (710 points). I’d like you to push it one more time, but since it is a score that can be taken, TOEFL measures are resumed.

June 2017 Retake the GMAT under the wishful thinking that the score may increase even though the GMAT measures have been stopped. As expected, the score dropped, and GMAT is now over.

July 2017 Scored 111 points in TOEFL. Finally, TOEFL measures have been completed. Essay measures start.

September-October 2017 Application for 4 schools in the first round.

November 2017 Interview with the first round application school. I am shocked by my lack of speaking ability. The first round was disastrous.

November-December 2017 Apply for 4 schools (including Emory) in the second round. After that, focus on interview measures to utilize the lessons learned from the first round.

January 2018 Interview with the second round application school. Although he continues to struggle, it feels better than the first round. Received a pass notification from Emory at the end of January 2018. After that, I was worried about going to school until April, but finally decided to go to Emory.


I think it is one of the most painful parts for so-called “pure domestic” examinees, including myself. Of course, it is necessary to improve your English ability in order to get a high score in TOEFL, but the compatibility with the problem and the ability to concentrate on the day also greatly affect the score, so if you get some ability, you will continue to receive it regularly and get a high score. I think it’s a good idea to wait. Since my speaking and writing scores were not stable, I used RareJob for speaking and WEB TOEFL for writing. Also, on the commuter train, I used a smartphone app to take listening measures.


GMAT used the Agos correspondence course. In addition to the main points, I personally recommend it because you can study at your own pace on holidays. I think GMAT is a short-term intensive battle unlike TOEFL. I think it is difficult to get a high score unless you touch on the GMAT problems as much as possible and maintain the intuition of the so-called “GMAT grammar”. TOEFL may give you a high score even if you continue to take the exam without studying too much after you have gained some ability, but I think that is unlikely for GMAT.


I used an Agos counselor. I think I started writing without properly organizing Why MBA ?, Why this school ?, and my strengths, and on the contrary, I took time. These points are definitely asked in interviews, and I think it is a good idea to organize them early.


This is the part where I had a hard time. I prepared some answers to the expected questions and answers, but since the interviews for international students are also a place to test my English ability, I can skip unexpected questions (general things in preparation for discussions in class). Can you explain your opinion firmly to?). In my case, in the first round of the interview, because it was just the election period in Japan, I was asked to explain in English about the Japanese political system and which political party to support, and I was sunk. Of course, you should give priority to preparing for questions that are likely to be asked, but I think it’s a good idea to take some time to think about how to deal with unexpected questions.


It is really difficult to balance the MBA exam and work, and it causes a great deal of trouble to the people around me. Actually, I was preparing for marriage at the same time as the examination process, but I couldn’t spend much time preparing for marriage and it made my wife feel really painful. Also, when my TOEFL score didn’t go up at all, or when I made a big mistake in an interview, I was sometimes despaired by my helplessness. However, in such a difficult situation, I was able to realize the gratitude of my family, boss / colleagues, and friends who support me, and I am very happy when I receive the pass notification for the amount of suffering. I think it will be difficult, but with the help of those around you, please manage to survive the difficult test life!

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C male, bank

Keio University Faculty of Law Department of Law


(1) I have been in business since I joined the company, so I want to change departments.

② I have no experience in overseas business and want to broaden my horizons

③ I want to live in the United States, I want to live in an English-speaking world, I want to make friends overseas

Why Goizueta?

TOP20 Small school, warm climate, comfortable environment for families, current students at the time of visit, good impression of examinees, diversity

Examination process

MBA selection decision in August 2017. At that time, it was really tough because it took about half a year to apply from the start from TOEFL 60 points. After being selected for the MBA, I was exempted from going to work at the company, so I just stayed at home with Agos to study. Although the score was not enough at the time of applying in January, I thought that the early round was good and applied in 3rd. After that, while showing enthusiasm on the visit, I rewrote the score many times after applying. I continued to take TOEFL until March, and finally got 102 points in the final round. GMAT is exhausted 5 times, but the score is not reached. I switched to GRE from the middle, and when I received the 5th time in April, I finally got the application score (630). Emory has been on the waitlist for a while since March, but received a pass notification in April. I’m glad I didn’t give up until the end. Study with the TOEFL AGOS package. Starting from 60 points, I suffered because R and L did not rise easily. I continued to take the TOEFL while doing GMAT, essay, and interview at the same time due to lack of time, but GMAT led to an increase in R, essay W, and interview S score, and reached the target score in March. I supported it with GMAT AGOS, but I suffered the most. After receiving 5 GMATs and 5 GREs, I finally got the application score, but it took a considerable amount of time due to lack of time and basic skills. I think that technique is especially important for Verbal, but I later felt that it was important for me to learn grammar well because I didn’t have the basics.


Corrected at AGOS.


Conducted a mock interview at AGOS. Due to the lack of scores, I practiced the interview as many times as possible, and I feel that I was able to receive and answer with confidence in the actual performance. Almost all the examination schools visit the site and have an interview. After all, I think that the seriousness will be conveyed if you meet and talk in person.


The most important thing is to prepare as much as possible in advance, but I think it’s quite difficult, so don’t give up at the end. I think it’s only once in my life to concentrate on studying so far, so please take a break and do your best not to regret it. I’ve been about to break my heart many times, but if you believe in yourself and work hard, the results will surely come later! By the way, the English level of the classes after the MBA start and other international students is an order of magnitude higher, so I think it is better to continue to strengthen listening and speaking even after passing the exam (I will do more after passing the exam). I regret that I should have done it).

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D Male, general trading company

Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Faculty of Foreign Studies Department of International Relations


(1) I spent about 7 years in one sales department since I joined the company, but most of the work I was in charge of was inherited from my seniors, and I wanted to start and manage a new business by myself someday. But did not have that ability

② For that purpose, I wanted to systematically learn knowledge about finance, accounting, and startups.

③ I didn’t want to be tied to one industry

④ I had a vague dream of studying abroad someday.

It was an overseas MBA for me that fulfilled these requirements.

Why Goizueta?

① Within the top 20 in the main ranking

② There are plenty of opportunities to put into practice the knowledge learned

③ Small school and collaborative school spirit

④ A perfect balance between the city and the countryside

⑤ Warm climate suitable for raising children

Examination process

End of December 2016: Passed internal selection.

January-June 2017: TOEFL measures. Take the exam 20 times in total.

July-December 2017: GMAT measures. Take the exam 5 times in total.

August-December 2017: Resume, Essay, Recommendation letter measures.

January 2018: Filed for Emory in 3rd Round.

March 2018: Emory Interview at Shinjuku. Received a pass notification during the same month.

June 2018: Decided to go on to Emory. TOEFL Reading: I registered words that are easy to make mistakes in the vocabulary book 3800 in the mobile app and reviewed them in travel time. Other than that, no special measures are taken.

Listening: The hardest part. Anyway, I repeatedly solved the past questions (made in China? Paid iPhone mobile app) and kept listening until there were no inaudible parts. In the actual performance, it was successful to give priority to listening and understanding without taking notes.

Speaking: Use E4TG and RareJob. RareJob (120 minutes / day) was also effective as an interview measure because the lesson content can be customized for MBA to some extent.

Writing: In addition to using the correction service of WebTOEFL and E4TG, I memorized about 20 templates on the net and responded by changing the configuration according to the actual problem. Affinity’s one-day course (learning Cinderella Narrative) was also effective.


It’s not a good score, so I don’t think there’s a lot of advice I can give, but to put it bluntly, I study with 3-4 test-takers I met through Affinity 2-3 times a week using the LINE phone on weekday nights. Continuing the meeting not only improved my understanding but also supported my heart, so I hope that you will find friends and survive.


I used Reve. I asked a Japanese counselor for the material and an American for English correction.


In addition to mock interviews by RareJob and Reve instructors, we also conducted mock interviews with in-house MBA dispatched classmates.


Taking the exam costs a lot of things (in my case, business hours, wedding holidays, ceremonial occasions, summer vacation, care for my pregnant wife, etc.), and it puts a lot of pressure on me both physically and mentally. I think you will be exhausted, but there are many fulfilling days ahead of you, so please do your best without giving up while taking a break! If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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E Men, insurance

Keio University Faculty of Economics


(1) I was reviewing management meetings and approvals in my work, but because the projects ranged from advertising strategy to system development and establishment of subsidiaries, a wide range of business knowledge was required.

(2) Because my place of employment is foreign-affiliated (US), it is important to understand English proficiency and American culture.

③ Because I thought that the growth rate would increase by putting myself in a harsh environment.

Why Goizueta?

① Ranking top 20

② Living environment (warm climate, good security, central Tokyo)

③ Collaborative culture (personality of current students and graduates)

Examination process

January 2016: First TOEFL test in anticipation of in-house selection (sunk with 52 points)

November 2016: Passed internal selection (TOEFL 82 points)

February 2017: A wall of 85 TOEFL points that is not in the world stands in front of me and gets stuck in TOEFL. I stopped studying TOEFL and started taking GMAT courses at Agos.

April 2017: Face the reality that there is no school that can apply for TOEFL with 82 points. Suspended GMAT study and resumed TOEFL study.

July-August 2017: Looking for a way to pass with a low score, spending time on networking and school research, interrupting TOEFL.

September 2017: Face the reality that there is no way to pass with a low score. Resumed TOEFL study and soon reached the target TOEFL score (101 points, application score).

October 2018: Resumed GMAT study. Over 700 points in a row at PREP. He took the GMAT test for the first time, but sank with 560 points. Tell yourself that you were out of luck.

November 2018: Sinked with 570 points for the second GMAT test. Face reality that is not due to luck.

December 2018: Third GMAT test (680 points, application score). I graduated from GMAT because I didn’t have time, and started writing essays at Agos at a rapid pace. Five schools including Emory have applied for the year-end and New Year holidays.

January 2018: Apply for 3 additional schools.

February 2018: Interview invitations arrive all at once.

March 2018: Interviewed with 6 schools including Emory and passed 5 schools. Decided to go on to Emory, which had a high degree of aspiration.


It started from 52 points, so it was the hardest part of the MBA exam. As a result of taking the test many times without getting the target score, the staff of the test center said “Thank you always” and took the test with tears.

Reading: Put the English word 3700 on your smartphone and memorize it while commuting. After memorizing the words, I became stable with a high score (27-29). The words I learned at this time are also useful at my study abroad destination.

Listening: I repeated the shadowing of the teaching materials I received at the study session of Dr. Andy, but I couldn’t keep up with the tongue twister at all, and only the shadowing ability of the slowly spoken part improved. However, as I listened to many sound sources, I became accustomed to the topics spoken in TOEFL, and my score gradually increased (a pace of about 1 point increase in one month of study).

Speaking: Take the Web TOEFL and memorize the template. No other special measures were taken. At the beginning of the test, I spoke in a native-style tongue, but the score was low (15-19 points), so when I tried to speak slowly and clearly in a loud voice from the middle, the score stabilized at around 20-22 points. I also participated in E4TG, but the method I was taught didn’t work at all because the tendency of TOEFL was changing.

Writing: After taking the Web TOEFL, create a versatile original template. After that, I practiced with sample questions using the correction service provided by Mr. Mikel, who lives in Canada, but the score was not stable until the end (23-28 points).


Take all the courses at Agos. The load was much lower than the TOEFL.

Verbal: Take a lecture by Professor Nakayama of Agos called “God of GMAT”. It was very sophisticated, efficient and fun to learn, and was the only fun part of my MBA preparation.

Math: Since I was a private liberal arts student, I started studying at Masuka. After that, I made two laps of the official guide and practiced repeatedly with PREP.

AWA: After taking a few lessons, memorize the template.

IR: I took a few lessons and finished.


It was created mainly during the year-end and New Year holidays with the support of a Japanese counselor from Agos. I had been working with a counselor since autumn, so it went relatively smoothly.


I asked a native counselor to do a mock interview at Agos, but the rescheduling just before was repeated, and in the end I got the actual interview before the mock. Since the attitude in the mock interview was bad and there was almost no feedback, the mock interview was completed once. I made my own assumed Q & A and practiced repeatedly until I could explain it naturally.


For those who are not good at English, I think that taking an examination is a hell, but I think it is important to work on it until the end. In the TOEFL test where I got the application score, I had a cold on the day and I couldn’t make much voice. I thought it would be impossible to improve my score even if I took the exam without making a voice, but as a result of taking the exam with a 1% chance, my score suddenly increased (Husky Voice was easy for Americans to hear). Maybe). I don’t know what will happen until the end, so don’t give up and do your best!

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F Male, Energy Infrastructure

Tohoku University (Master of Engineering)


・ Entrepreneurship

・ General business skills

・ Leadership in a global environment (including English)

I worked in the business development department of an energy company. At the age of 30, I was blessed with the work and workplace at that time, and I was able to get the job done without being so desperate. On the other hand, we have not been able to produce results that have the impact of changing the company. When I thought about what it would take to become such a person, I needed to be in a harsher environment than I am now, and because I was a typical science person and had no knowledge of business, I needed the above three abilities. After thinking about it, I decided to take the MBA exam.

Why Goizueta?

・ US top 20

・ Abundant resources

・ Good family environment-

First of all, as a background, in addition to the fact that the company was conditional on US top 20 and that what I wanted to do was relatively fluffy, my second child was born in the middle of February in the middle of the exam and went to the United States with my wife and two children. It was a situation to do.

――Therefore, I was looking for a school that meets the company’s standards. And because it’s fluffy, I thought it would be good to have a school with abundant resources in various aspects. Based on that, we visited 5 schools in mid-February.

――Before the visit, Emory’s aspirations were not high. However, during the actual visit and learning, Emory learned that there are famous professors in each subject, as well as research centers such as data analysis and entrée. Also, in Atlanta, there are buildings where large companies gather and Atlanta Village where startups gather, and I felt that the environment was in place to realize what I wanted to do after it became concrete.

――I also visited the living environment, and I got the image that there is a nursery school in front of me, the road is clean and safe, and I can live a life with peace of mind even if I bring two children. These are the reasons why I finally chose Emory.

Examination process

August 2015; Decided to study abroad as an MBA under the company-sponsored system, but abandoned due to lack of internal regulations TOEIC750 or TOEFL80. Start studying TOEFL.

January 2016; First TOEFL 42 points. Give up on TOEFL and switch to TOEIC.

April; Obtained TOEIC 810 points after several challenges.

August; Apply for company expenses

October; Company-sponsored study abroad decision-> Do words and listening

January 2017; TOEFL 65 points. I feel a response to the 23-point increase.

March; Seniors of the company meet with Round One, who is indebted every year, and decide on a counselor. I thought that no one would take care of me with my current English proficiency, so when I was told that I would be a counselor, I was unconsciously pleased.

June; Start studying GMAT

July; work peaks

August; Obtained TOEFL 98 points. I am satisfied.

September; Obtained 610 points in the first GMAT. I am satisfied. Essay start.

October; essay application for about 3 schools November; peak of poor physical condition. Obtained 99 TOEFL points.

December; After the first interview, I am a little relieved to pass the exam. ――If you receive GRE on a whim, you will get 650 points in GMAT conversion.

――At this point, I had received a lot of TOEFL and GMAT, but the score was not updated, so I switched to IELTS and GRE.

–Essay & GRE at the end of the year

January 2018; At the beginning of the year, about 8 schools submitted essays and started interview practice. ――At the same time, I took the last GMAT, the second GRE, and many IELTS. ――We conducted a school interview in October. Get a pass.

February; Take the third GRE on 2/2 and get 700 points in terms of GMAT. A guts pose at the booth of Nikki Ochanomizu Sola City, which I went to on TOEFL many times. (The Tokyo venue of GRE is Ochanomizu Sola City.) On the same night, the result of IELTS taken in January came out and OA 7.0 was obtained. Drink beer. Ask each school to replace the score immediately the next day.

–A child (second person) is born.

–Invitation of interviews with several schools arrives.

–Visit dare. Five schools in a week, two of which are interviewed, one of which is Emory. Since a child has just been born, he becomes more aspiring to learn about Emory’s good environment.

March; I will continue to take the IELTS test without giving up. Interviews with several schools.

――In the middle of the year, you will receive a pass notification from Emory and others.

April; I dreamed of a TOP school, but gave up without contact. I was at a loss because the other schools that passed the exam were also wonderful, but I decided on Emory based on my family and what I wanted to achieve.


――Participated in Andy’s study session, and since then, has been reading and listening to past questions. As the start was low, the score went up relatively smoothly.

――Speaking went to E4TG for 2 months, but the score did not increase.

-Writing uses online correction and E4TG. I didn’t like to memorize templates so much, so I wrote it while thinking about it every time, but looking back, I think I should have learned a little more about templates and reusable material. Also, I feel like I wasted my time because I didn’t review the corrected one a little more.


–Reading, Listening, writing are somehow managed by the TOEFL heritage.

――When Speaking was stagnant at 5.5, I took a private lesson from Professor Iijima of Affinity once, gave me some advice, and when I followed it, I was able to get 7.0. Personally, TOEFL Speaking is required to be native, while IELTS seems to have a large weight of grammar and topic correctness, so I think IELTS was better as a result.


――I did various things. First, I went to Hamaguchi Juku, then YES SC, and finally Affinity. I studied for a total of about 500 hours.

-So, why don’t you try receiving GRE from Affinity’s Professor Iijima? In one word, I took a GMAT conversion of 650 with the GRE I received casually.

――I can’t give you any advice about GMAT.

――However, at least, if you can’t read the text properly in the recent GMAT, not only RC and CR but also SC can’t give an answer at all, so I think the basic ability of English is important.


――The day before you took your first GRE, you took an hour of GRE-like lessons in Affinity’s private lessons. I’m just tracing the problem format, but I’m glad that it became clear that I should throw it away and do my best.

――After that, I attended Affinity’s GRE course and learned how to read long sentences. Personally, I think this helped me to understand the structure without knowing the word, which led to the final result.

――GRE is highly recommended for people from the sciences. The reason is that the full score of Math in GRE is converted to Q53 in GMAT conversion. The Q of GMAT is 51 even if it is a perfect score, so I am grateful that it will be converted higher than that.


–Please ask RoundOne for counseling, Ms. Created with Emma.

――As for Emory, I heard about Emory’s characteristics and memorable lessons because there was a graduate from the company’s seniors, and while touching on that, I wrote about why Emory.


――After practicing with a counselor to learn the basics, I practiced with a native DMM English teacher every day.

――I don’t have much to mention, but what I think back now is that I should have spoken a little more slowly and poorly, especially in the Skype interview.

――I came here and learned that Japanese English is really hard for native speakers to hear. I am familiar with counselors and English teachers for Japanese, but not at all with native speakers who are not accustomed to Japanese English. I think it’s okay if the pronunciation is good, but if you think you’re not good at it, please try to speak slowly.


――When you visit, the image of the school will change, so please come to Atlanta once!

――I think it’s really difficult to take the exam, so please do your best!

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