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Jagdish N. Sheth

Global Marketing

The professor teaches at GBS after working at Columbia University and MIT. He is also good at fields such as competitive strategy and geopolitical analysis, and has also been a speaker at the World Marketing Summit. He is also an advisor to many companies such as Ford, GE, 3M and Ericsson.
In the class, we will use various approaches (Rule of Three, Change in Demographics, Sustainability, 4 A’s of Marketing (Acceptability, Accessibility)) based on new marketing models that have emerged due to the effects of global competition and the rapid growth of emerging markets. , Affordability, Awareness)).

Jesse Bockstedt

Data Visualization

The professor has been teaching at GBS since 2016. Specializes in behavioral economics.
In class, you will learn how to effectively organize the collected data (collection of numbers) into graphs and diagrams. In the first half of the class, you will receive a lecture on theory, and in the second half, you will practice the theory using datasets. If you want to work in a large organization after returning to Japan, I think this is a directly useful class.

JB Kurish

Professor in the Practice of Finance

He has been teaching finance at GBS since the fall of 2006. In addition to the compulsory subject, Managerial Finance, we also teach investment banking and M & A. It is no exaggeration to say that he is the most popular professor among students because he teaches finance enthusiastically from the basics. An economist and an investment banker at Credit Suisse First Boston, he is knowledgeable about a variety of financial market issues. Over the past few years, it has been cited in various media on topics such as financial markets and economic conditions, the impact of the Iraq War, US presidential elections, 9/11, and the merger of financial institutions.

Jeffrey Rosenweig

Associate Professor of Finance; Director, The Robson Program for Business, Public Policy, and Government

He is an associate professor of international business and finance, specializing in global strategy, global economy and international finance. He is also a senior international economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, teaching at MIT and Yale University. He frequently gives keynote speeches to business and academic audiences for his research on global trends.
He is also the director of the Global Perspectives Program. The elective Global Macroeconomic Perspectives is one of GBS’s most popular classes, providing a diverse perspective on global business, macroeconomics, and the future. The professor’s unique narrative is also interesting and exciting.

Karl Schuhmacher

Assistant Professor of Accounting

He has been teaching at GBS since 2017. His main research interests are management accounting, cost systems, performance measurement, and incentive contracts. Elective Managerial accouting is one of GBS’s most popular classes. You might imagine a lesson that seems boring when you hear “management accounting”, but his lesson is devised so that the important points are firmly remembered, and he teaches with music, dance and humor. It is a very meaningful lesson because it gives me.

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