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Davis Green: Civility, infrastructure and warfare in Japan

As I reflect on my weeks in Japan, a few learnings stand out: The Japanese people are ideally civilized. Orderly conduct is the general rule of thumb. You are expected to respect your fellow citizens and (fortunately for me and my classmates) even go out of your way to help tourists. There are many tangible examples of this: everyone is quiet on the metro, so as not to disturb fellow passengers, everyone walks in an orderly fashion (mainly on the left side of the sidewalk or stairs) and if you ask a question, the Japanese often do their absolute...


Rensch: Two-week tour of Japan’s hidden treasures

When I signed up for the 2017 Japan mid-semester module, I thought I would look back on the trip most impressed by the modern cities, bullet trains and even the sushi. While all of these were impressive, and part of a memorable trip, I was most affected by something I didn’t even know existed – namafu. Had this trip not been planned and led by four of my Japanese classmates, who spent months planning and detailing our two-week itinerary, I would not have encountered Had this trip not been planned and led by four of my Japanese classmates, who...


Brown: Exploring entrepreneurship in India

Have you ever touched an elephant? The second you feel one, you realize that the plush toys have been lying to you all your life as thick, wiry hairs push into your palm. Until that moment when you see one up close, you have no idea how badass elephants really are. Just like with elephants, if you really want to understand how the world works — including the world of business — you have to go out and get your hands dirty. Elephants are one of the many things I got to see up close and personal last month when...