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Plunkett: UAE offers one-of-a-kind experience

The UAE is a relatively young country established in the early 1970s. The country is home to large oil and natural gas reserves that are the heart of the economy. The nation is quite wealthy, and you can see that wealth all around you as you as explore the cities. 

Wang: Experiencing Brazil firsthand

Aside from knowing that my step-grandmother is from Brazil, I did not know much about the country prior to business school. When the international MSM options were announced in September, selecting Brazil as my MSM option was easy because I wanted to learn more about the country first-hand and had never been to South America before.

Rensch: Two-week tour of Japan’s hidden treasures

When I signed up for the 2017 Japan mid-semester module, I thought I would look back on the trip most impressed by the modern cities, bullet trains and even the sushi. While all of these were impressive, and part of a memorable trip, I was most affected by something I...

Brown: Exploring entrepreneurship in India

Have you ever touched an elephant? The second you feel one, you realize that the plush toys have been lying to you all your life as thick, wiry hairs push into your palm. Until that moment when you see one up close, you have no idea how badass elephants really...